How to lose my belly fat intelligently?

How to lose my belly fat intelligently

Stuck in your top, obliged to unbutton your pants at the end of meal? Argh! We will have to act to make you feel better. Center of the body and cradle of emotions, the belly is one of our most sensitive areas. Some even say that the second brain of the body would be the intestines! That is to say. Abused, the belly swells, stores fat, relaxes. So how to lose your tummy? Here are our tips to get there easily and display a wasp size.

1- Deflate this belly!

Above the digestive system, the belly is said to be a real brain with the intestinal system. Fermentation, soft drinks, air swallowed by eating, constipation … the disagreeable manifestations are legion. Why ? The slightest strain of stress, a lively emotion, a food component that does not pass: the belly then becomes painful and swells. Our 9 solutions for deflation:

> Take your time to eat
Taken upright in the noise, a fast swallowed sandwich promotes the ingestion of air and slows the digestion. Eat calmly, sit at the table, for at least 20 min, and chew each bite well.

> Measure out the fibers
They are found in wholegrain cereals, fruits and vegetables, and of course legumes (lentils, chickpeas, coco beans etc.) are essential for a good transit. But beware, to associate them with alkaline foods, because alone and in too great quantities (more than 30 g per day approximately, an apple contains about 5 g to give you an idea), they can irritate the intestines and favor the blotions .

See foods rich in fiber:

foods rich in fiber

foods rich in fiber (3)

foods rich in fiber (4)

foods rich in fiber (5)


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