I ate too much yesterday: what should I do now to limit the damage?

I ate too much yesterday: what should I do now to limit the damage?

This often happens to us once a week for many of us!
We know these times when we relax our habits by indulging ourselves: a trip to the restaurant, a few glasses of liquor, one or more desserts … that's it, I look at myself in the mirror and I already feel guilty!

Sometimes this happens when unexpected simply: a sudden dinner with friends that you can not refuse and dishes on which you crack, a professional appointment and out of question to bring back your box!
We will explain how you can limit the damage caused by these small deviations and that the next day!

Alkalize your body

If you have eaten a large meal there is a good chance that you have consumed fats, carbohydrates, sugar do not know what to do and probably a few glasses of alcohol or very sweet fruit cocktails.
So you've taken advantage of it but now you're feeling guilty and you're sure you've ruined everything. And really by really if you immediately correct the shot.

First of all it will be necessary to act on what can be called the acid-basic balance of your body. All of these very rich foods composed of complex carbohydrates and proteins, meat and refined sugar are very acidic to your body and can cause many disorders: water retention, fat mass intake, bloating, digestion problems, concentration…
It will therefore be necessary to rebalance this acid by bringing immediately opposing elements, ie alkalis.

The same evening, take the juice of a whole lemon that you will squeeze in warm or warm water. Its astringent properties will allow you to literally get out all the toxins from your body and alkalize your body if you already have a good digestive capital.
Another solution is to swallow a good salad of green leaves with organic cider vinegar or better to make you a green juice if you have a juice extractor available.

Resting your body

You just overload your body with nutrients not really suitable for you. Your digestive organs, your liver, your adrenal glands have worked extensively to allow all these foods to be digested appropriately and are literally tired.
Have fun, rest! The best thing to do in these cases is not to consume food at all.
Rest assured, you will not lose muscle mass, you will not faint, but simply allow your body what is called homeostasis.

Homeostasis is simply allowing your body to regain its natural state. To do this, one must simply stop overloading food to enable it to initiate detoxification processes.
These processes are actually possible only if you stop giving him food, and even worse if they are unsuitable foods (ie, anything that remains outside the raw fruits and vegetables).
A good solution is to fast until lunch at least for the next day. You will catch up your calories in the day and you will also allow your body to target more carbohydrates and fats to provide you with energy!

My workout
If you definitely want to end guilt, we have one last solution: intense exercise!
What is called intense is to go to the end of your efforts during a fitness session, or even cardio type HIIT.

Out of the question after an evening like this to go on your treadmill for 1:30 with short strides. You will have to clean your body, release the toxins housed under the skin, move the lymph and do not hesitate to shoot, push, jump, bend during your exercises!

Having taken good care of recovering after a good night's sleep, do your fasting session if possible and your guilt will be an ancient story!

Source : www.specialfitness.fr

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