Thighs, abs, glutes, shoulders, bras … everything is in this home program

Thighs, abs, glutes, shoulders, bras … everything is in this home program


Are you going round in the round at home without knowing what to do?
Here is a program that will suit you perfectly.
You will simply use the furniture of your house to help you and an elastic band. The strict minimum for you to improvise a complete workout with very original movements.
Moreover, these are movements that you can reuse as you wish wherever you are!
Let's go !

Exercise 1: Folded More


Starting position: Wrap the center of an elastic band around the foot of the sofa or a heavy piece of furniture. Keep 50 cm back to the sofa, heels joined and tip of the feet apart. Hold each end of the tape of each hand in front of your hips

Movement: Bend your knees in the folded squat position and then stretch your legs to raise you by tightly contracting the inside of the thighs together and lifting the heels. Jointly you will raise your arms so that they are in the axis of your shoulders, palms down.
Lower your arms, and return to the folded squat position.
Perform 15 repetitions and proceed to the next move.


Exercise 2: Curl & Squat


Starting position: Stand upright, feet at the width of the hips, feet in the middle of the elastic band. Hold you close and back to the sofa by holding each end of the elastic band in each hand, palms down.

Movement: This will involve a double movement: perform a squat by bending your knees until your buttocks almost touch the sofa and at the same time perform a curl bicep. So you will bend your elbows while keeping them close to your body, bringing your hands to the shoulders.
Reassemble quickly by lowering your arms and perform 15 repetitions in total.

Exercice 3 : Booty Lift


Starting Position: Lie on your back to the floor with your heels to the width of your hips on the corner of your sofa. Your knees are bent at 90 degrees and arms on the ground slightly on the side

Movement: Raise your hips, tighten your abs to form a nice straight line from shoulders to knees.
Lower your hips without touching the ground this time and return to the starting position.
You can perform 15 repetitions for this movement.

Exercice 4 :Wood Chop


Start Position: Wrap one end of the elastic band at the foot of your sofa and hold the other end with both your hands. Stand upright feet to the width of the hips a few steps to the right of your sofa so that you can feel some resistance on the elastic band. Your hands are on the right side of your hips.

Movement: Go down into squat position, bend your knees 90 degrees and pull the band diagonally by raising your arms from the right side of your hips towards your left shoulder.
At the same time, reassemble by stretching your knees.
Return to the starting position and perform 15 repetitions for each side.

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